Human Resources

Read Consulting Group can provide HR advice in meeting the challenges for any business operation. Making well-informed and timely decisions helps businesses prepare, build resilience and manage risks, regardless of the challenges ahead.


As a Human Resources consultant and Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (MAHRI), Nerida has specialised in HR Management for the past 12 years across a broad range of consultancy, government and private enterprise organisations. Previously GM People, Communications & Compliance for North Queensland Airports (managing Cairns and Mackay Airports) Nerida’s role was responsible for ensuring NQA operated safe, secure and compliant and was supported by positive employee and stakeholder engagement.

HR Consultancy

Nerida specialises in providing independent workplace investigations and generalise HR advice to businesses.

Having the right People solutions can enhance your business and make every day working a more enjoyable experience for all.

HR is rarely black and white.  Read Consulting HR services can help clarify and bring comprehensive solutions to you to solve your HR needs. 

Nerida can help you with a range of valuable HR support functions:

  • Best-practice people and HR management strategies

  • Mediation between workers

  • Employee letters, policies and procedures

  • Independant unbiased workplace investigations / representation

  • Performance Management strategies

  • Independent unbiased exit interviews for exiting employees

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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations conducted by external / independent professional ensure the process follows procedural fairness principles and a balanced evidence process is applied.

Being proactive in dealing with workplace issues will ensure that fair processes are adhered too, our HR services will independently investigate grievances between employees which may arise, providing professional and unbiased solutions. 

Alternatively if you wish to undertake investigations in house, Nerida can provide an unbiased review of the investigation process and provide feedback and solutions.  

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